3. Protocol for Expedited Approvals

The Protocol for Expedited Approvals applies when:

a)    an institution requests endorsement of the Quality Council to declare a new Field in a graduate program (note that institutions are not required to declare fields in either master’s or doctoral programs); or

b)    there are proposals for new for-credit graduate diplomas; or

c)    an institution requests it, there are Major Modifications to Existing Programs, as already defined through the IQAP, proposed for degree program or program of specialization.

The Expedited Approvals process requires the submission to the Quality Council of a Proposal Brief (see Templates) of the proposed program change/new program (as previously detailed) and the rationale for it. Only the applicable criteria outlined in Framework Section 2.1 will be applied to the proposal. The process is further expedited by not requiring the use of external reviewers; hence Framework Sections 2.2.6 through 2.2.8 (inclusive) do not apply. Furthermore, the Council’s appraisal and approval processes are reduced. (See Framework Section 3.2.)

Flow Chart 2: Overview of Protocol for Expedited Approvals shows the major steps, within the institution and through the Quality Council.