1.4 Continuous Improvement across the System

Exchange Forums take place within the context of the Key Contacts Meetings and are designed to track as well as facilitate continuous improvement across the system. The Quality Assurance Secretariat will collate the findings of each forum into an omnibus report that will be shared with the universities and posted on the Quality Council’s website.

Proposed Objectives of Exchange Forums:

  • To provide a context for high-level examination of system-wide emerging themes and ongoing challenges in quality assurance; and
  • To facilitate the sharing of novel ideas and best practices in quality assurance as observed through the work of the Appraisal and Audit Committees.

Potential Outcomes:

  • A more active, informed, and integrated learning community across institutions, the Quality Council and its Quality Assurance Secretariat;
  • A heightened emphasis on the ongoing need to devise strategies to create continuous improvement in the quality assurance processes in Ontario as a whole;
  • Suggestions for amendments to the Quality Assurance Framework; and
  • Guidance for the next Review of the Quality Assurance Framework and Quality Council.