5.4 Reporting Requirements

5.4.1     Internal reporting requirements

The IQAP will require that:

  1. The Final Assessment Report (excluding all confidential information) and associated Implementation Plan be distributed to Senate (or equivalent);
  2. The Executive Summary and the associated Implementation Plan be posted on the university’s website and copies provided to the university’s governing body;
  3. The approved Final Assessment Report (excluding all confidential information, as appropriate), Executive Summary and Implementation Plan be provided to the unit to “own” and act on, as appropriate.
    1. It is strongly recommended that the IQAP require the unit to post the Executive Summary and Implementation Plan on the program’s website (see Guidance);
  4. There is timely monitoring of the implementation of the recommendations, and the appropriate distribution, including web postings, of the scheduled monitoring reports (see footnote [1] below); and
  5. The extent of public access to the following is established:
    1. Information made available for the self-study;
    2. Self-study report;
    3. Report of the Review Committee; and
    4. Specified responses to the report of the Review Committee.

It is expected that the report from the Review Committee will be afforded an appropriate level of confidentiality.

5.4.2     External reporting requirements

Universities are required to report on the outcomes of their Cyclical Program Review activity to the Quality Council. A university can decide to do so through one or both of the following options:

  1. Submission of the approved Final Assessment Report (excluding all confidential information), Executive Summary and associated Implementation Plan for each completed Cyclical Program Review; and/or
  2. Submission of an annual report to the Quality Council (see below), which simply lists the past year’s completed Final Assessment Reports, Implementation Plans and monitoring reports and provides an attestation by the Provost (or delegate) that all IQAP-required Cyclical Program Review processes have been followed. The report will also include a link to the university’s web posting of the completed Executive Summaries and Implementation Plans, as well as any monitoring reports that have also been completed over the prior year.

The annual report and related Cyclical Program Review processes described in 5.4.2 b) above will occasionally be reviewed for compliance by the Quality Council. Only when members find an issue or potential area of concern will the report be discussed by the Quality Council. Should the Council then determine that a substantive issue(s) appears to exist, it may decide to initiate a Focused Audit (see Section 6.3 of the Audit Protocol and associated Definition).

[1]Sensitive information, such as information related to personnel and other details, may be documented in a separate addendum to the Monitoring Report. This addendum is not subject to publication on the university’s website. The full Monitoring Report, including the addendum, must be distributed to the program and to other internal stakeholders, as appropriate. The Monitoring Report, absent the addendum where one has been produced, must be posted and publicly accessible on the university’s website.