1.1 Scope of Application of the Institutional Quality Assurance Processes (IQAP)

Every publicly assisted Ontario university that grants degrees and diplomas, as defined by the Ontario Qualifications Framework (OQF), is responsible for ensuring the quality of its programs of study, including modes of delivering programs and those academic and student services that affect the quality of the respective programs under review, whether or not the program is eligible for government funding. All universities will therefore have in place a ratified IQAP (see Section 1.2), which minimally meets the requirements detailed throughout Part Two of the Quality Assurance Framework. For the purposes of Cyclical Program Reviews, and in the interest of respecting institutional autonomy, universities are required to include in their IQAP their own definition of what constitutes a ‘program’. In addition, all Ontario universities are committed to the principles articulated in Part One of the Framework.

Institutional responsibility for quality assurance extends to new and continuing undergraduate and graduate degree/diploma programs whether offered in full, in part, or conjointly by any institutions federated and affiliated with the university. These responsibilities also extend to programs offered in partnership, collaboration or other such arrangement with other postsecondary institutions including colleges, universities, or institutes. For definitions of the inter-institutional arrangements, see the Definitions in Appendix 1.