2.9 Subsequent institutional process

2.9.1     Implementation window

After a new program is approved to commence, the program will begin within 36 months of that date of approval; otherwise, the approval will lapse.

2.9.2     Monitoring

The monitoring of a new program facilitates continuous improvement, which is an essential goal of quality assurance. The IQAP must therefore detail a formal process for the monitoring of new programs. Minimally, this monitoring process should include the requirement for an interim monitoring report to be produced between the program’s launch and its first cyclical review. This interim report should carefully evaluate the program’s success in realizing its objectives, requirements and outcomes, as originally proposed and approved, as well as any changes that have occurred in the interim, including in response to any Note(s) from the Appraisal Committee (see Footnote 2, Section 2.6.3).The monitoring process should also take into consideration the outcomes of the interim monitoring report and any additional areas to be considered in the first cyclical review of the new program.

2.9.3     First cyclical review

The first cyclical review of any new program must be conducted no more than eight years after the date of the program’s initial enrolment.

2.9.4     Selection for Cyclical Audit

New undergraduate and/or graduate programs that have been approved within the period since the conduct of the previous Audit are eligible for selection for the university’s next Cyclical Audit (see Audit Protocol). An Audit cannot reverse the approval of a program to commence.