2. Protocol for New Program Approvals

The primary responsibility for the design and quality assurance of new programs lies with institutions, and their governing bodies. The institution is responsible for curriculum design, the development of program objectives, the determination of learning outcomes, and generally for the assembly of human, instructional and physical resources needed. (See Guide.)

Each institution will establish an IQAP (see Framework Section 1.3) that sets out the steps to be taken internally to assemble and provide the information required for New Program Proposals. This proposed IQAP will be submitted to the Quality Council for initial ratification (see Framework Section 1.5) before it may be implemented.

Flow Chart 1: Overview of Protocol for New Program Approvals shows the major steps, within the institution and through the Quality Council, required for the approval of new programs by this protocol.

Institutions will submit all new undergraduate and graduate degree programs, program of specialization and for-credit graduate diploma program proposals to the Quality Council. Each proposal will be appraised by the Council’s Appraisal Committee. On the basis of its appraisal, the Council will decide whether to approve or reject the proposals. This requirement applies to all New Program Proposals regardless of whether or not the institution will be applying for provincial funding.

Proposals for new for-credit graduate diploma programs require no external review, and are subject only to an Expedited Approval. The Proposal Brief for new for-credit graduate diplomas will be subject to inclusion, where applicable, of Framework steps 2.2.1 to 2.2.5. Since no external review is required, these Proposal Briefs are exempt from inclusion of steps 2.2.6 to 2.2.8. The Council’s appraisal process will also be substantially abbreviated.