Terms of Reference for the Appraisal Committee


To review proposals for new undergraduate and graduate programs from Ontario’s publicly assisted universities and make recommendations regarding their approval to the Ontario Universities Council of Quality Assurance (Quality Council).

Number of Members

There will be at least eight members on the Committee at any given time.

Executive Director, Quality Assurance, non-voting ex-officio member

Qualifications of Members

  • Senior academics with current experience in the development, delivery and quality assessment of both graduate and undergraduate programs (experience on Senate and its major committees or equivalent  would be an asset)
  • Represent a range of academic disciplines (including at least one member from an accredited professional/health science program)
  • At least two must be bilingual (to review proposals submitted in French)
  • May not be voting members of the Quality Council

Term of Appointment

Subject to the recommendation of the Quality Council, members are appointed for a three-year term, and may be reappointed.

Chair of Committee

One member of the Committee will be selected by the Quality Council to Chair the Appraisal Committee. A further member will be selected by the Quality Council to take on the role of Vice-Chair of the Committee.

Process of Soliciting Names and Selecting Members

Initially all Vice-Presidents Academic at Ontario Universities will be invited to submit nominations from their institution including details of the rationale for the nomination and a copy of the CV of  faculty members who have agreed to be nominees. After the initial appointment of the committee, future members may be solicited using an algorithm that assures that membership rotates amongst all of the publicly assisted universities. Under this system the Secretariat would solicit nominations only from the institutions identified by the algorithm to provide the next members.

The Quality Council will review all nominations and from those nominated make appointments to the Appraisal Committee for a three-year term (a combination of 2 and 3 year in the initial appointment phase).

Support for the Appraisal Committee

The Quality Assurance Secretariat will be responsible for organizing meetings, preparing agendas and meeting materials, taking minutes of meetings and communicating decisions of the Appraisal Committee to the University and the Quality Council.