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New undergraduate and graduate for-credit degree programs that have been approved by the Quality Council on or after September 1, 2011 are detailed in this database, which can be searched in multiple ways: by university, year, program level and/or keyword.

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Global Health, BA/BSc

Undergraduate York University
Decision Date: April 24, 2013

The Global Health program aims to provide foundational knowledge and skills to better understand, analyze and approach issues of global health from an interdisciplinary perspective.

It is expected that students will have the opportunity to develop knowledge, skills, and comprehension of the underlying social and political factors that intersect to influence global health along with the principles of human rights needed to enhance the quality of life and health of those around the world. The goal is to produce graduates equipped with a global perspective to tackle issues of human health and health equity in an increasingly pluralistic, interdependent world. The aim is to produce “agents of change” who will assume leadership positions in healthcare, public health systems, research, education and professional roles in private and not-for-profit sectors: locally, nationally and internationally. This program will particularly emphasize the intrinsic value of health – health as a fundamental human capability essential to enjoy freedom – underscoring a rights perspective on health. However, the program will also deal with the instrumental value of health – health as a condition for and product of development.

The BA/BSc in Global Health aims to develop future leaders with tools to both synthesize knowledge and determine innovative solutions to health issues around the globe with the intent to advance quality of life for under-served populations. In addition to completion of core courses, students will have the opportunity to concentrate their studies in fields of Global E-Health, Global Health Systems and Governance, Global Health Promotion and Disease Management, and Global Health and Environment.

United States Studies, BA

Undergraduate York University
Decision Date: April 24, 2013

The United States Studies program will provide students with an intellectually coherent program that balances breadth and concentration. At the heart of this program are the disciplines of history, English and political science. The prominence of these three areas of study is reflected in the makeup of both the introductory and capstone courses. These mandatory courses will take an emphatically interdisciplinary approach. In addition, both the introductory and capstone courses will highlight the role of minority, oppressed and “subaltern” groups as well as the U.S. in the World/the World in the U.S.

The program will be multidisciplinary as well as interdisciplinary. The breadth and multidisciplinary nature of U.S. Studies comes from the requirement that students take courses from three areas:  1) literature; 2) history, political science, sociology or social science; and 3) humanities, music, dance, film and art.

Electrical Engineering, BASc

Undergraduate York University
Decision Date: November 22, 2012

Electrical engineering students at the Lassonde School of Engineering will experience a Renaissance Engineering program that combines technical expertise with an entrepreneurial mindset, problem-solving skills, creativity, leadership, social responsibility and a global perspective. Students gain practical experience and industry knowledge through multidisciplinary partnerships with world-renowned law and business schools at York, and opportunities to develop external relationships with business, professional bodies, mentors and the wider engineering community. Students’ learning will be transformed through a state-of-the-art curriculum, innovative teaching and custom-designed new facilities – empowering them to develop the skills they need to help change the world.

Bachelor of Education (Primary/Junior) / Early Childhood Studies, BA / BEd

Undergraduate York University
Decision Date: September 10, 2012

The concurrent BA/BEd program will qualify graduates to teach at the kindergarten, primary and junior levels. Graduates will also have the option to enter the job market and the new collaborative teaching team in full-day kindergarten programs as a registered early childhood educator or a certified teacher. Graduates will have in-depth understanding of differentiated instruction and thus will be leaders prepared to make a real difference in the lives of children and their families from diverse backgrounds.

The School of Early Childhood Studies at Ryerson University offers a four-year undergraduate degree (BA) in Early Childhood Studies. It has earned a reputation for graduating early childhood educators who are experts in the theory and application of child development, play-based curriculum instructional methods, special education and assessment in teaching young children in a variety of settings.

The Faculty of Education at York University offers an accredited BEd program. The concurrent BA/BEd program will be housed on the Ryerson campus, with faculty from York teaching BEd courses on site. Students will be required to complete all the courses and practicum requirements outlined by the Faculty of Education at York University, under the auspices of its Ontario College of Teachers accreditation in Initial Teacher Education. Graduates of the concurrent program will receive a BA in ECS from Ryerson University and a BEd from York University.