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New undergraduate and graduate for-credit degree programs that have been approved by the Quality Council on or after September 1, 2011 are detailed in this database, which can be searched in multiple ways: by university, year, program level and/or keyword.

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Culture and Technology Studies, BA (Honours)

Undergraduate University of Guelph
Decision Date: August 21, 2020

The Culture and Technology Studies major offers students a flexible program of study with which to explore the role of culture and creativity in an increasingly technological world, using technologies themselves as part of the process. It emerges from the insight that technology is inextricably linked to human experience, culture, and society. Students in Culture and Technology Studies will tackle the complex relationships among power, digital knowledge, digital cultures, the representation of data, and the ethical questions surrounding the development, deployment, and accessibility of technological objects and processes. Culture and Technology Studies builds an understanding of the digital mediation of cultural processes and the role humans play in technological work. Students learn digital methods for intervening in the contemporary world as versatile creators, curators, communicators, and citizens. Experiential learning opportunities, including working with community partners, are embedded as an integral part of the program. Students may select one of three optional Areas of Emphasis.

Justice and Legal Studies, BA (Hon)

Undergraduate University of Guelph
Decision Date: August 21, 2020

The Bachelor of Arts in Justice and Legal Studies provides students with a clear understanding of law and judicial processes in Canada and a global context. The program allows students to critically evaluate, using various and interdisciplinary conceptions of justice, the relationship between legal institutions, society, politics, and governance. The core of the Justice and Legal Studies Major draws on work in law and politics, socio-legal studies, political science and other disciplinary traditions to provide students with a practical understanding of the operation of law and legal institutions in both a local and global context. It also encourages students to evaluate how law and legal institutions impact, shape, and are shaped by actors and power dynamics in government and society. Students select an Area of Emphasis to study law, justice and legal institutions in various interdisciplinary contexts. Students may select a co-op option or regular program.

Sport and Event Management, BComm

Undergraduate University of Guelph
Decision Date: August 23, 2019

The Sport and Event Management major provides students with advanced knowledge, from the business value of sport and events to their contribution to community and society, and seeks to inspire and engage students to become innovative leaders in this dynamic sector of our economy. Building on a strong foundation of commerce courses in marketing, accounting, economics, human resource management and strategy, students in Sport and Event Management will develop depth of knowledge in key aspects of sport, including sponsorship, media, event hosting, stakeholder engagement and organizational leadership.  Students may select a co-op option or regular program and experiential learning is embedded throughout as an integral part of the program, balancing theory with practice.   On completion of the program, students have the analytical and communication skills and experience required for a career with government organizations, commercial clubs, professional teams or sport businesses, in Canada and internationally. Graduates are prepared for positions in sport promotion and marketing, facility and event management, sport media and communication, and sport policy development.

Food Industry Management, BBRM (Honours) and Co-op Option

Undergraduate University of Guelph
Decision Date: November 24, 2017

The Food Industry Management major is a joint venture by two departments (Food Science and Food, Agricultural and Resource Economics) in the Ontario Agricultural College, reflecting the interdisciplinary nature of the program, which encompasses the science of food safety, quality control, processing and innovation and the management of food businesses, including operations and marketing. In order to address current and future provincial and global needs of the agricultural food industry for technically and scientifically-informed, highly competent managers, the program provides students with a solid foundation in basic science, applied food science, business and management practice, as well as supply chain and operations management. The program offers a mix of theoretical, experiential and applied study and both co-op and non-co-op format and affords students the opportunity to tailor courses to their career goals and interests.

Neuroscience, BSc (Honours)

Undergraduate University of Guelph
Decision Date: January 27, 2017

The brain remains the most poorly understood organ in the human body and the source of many challenging disorders and diseases affecting health.  The BSc Honours in Neuroscience provides a foundation in the natural sciences and an opportunity to develop advanced knowledge of nervous system structure and function, and the skills required for independent inquiry within neuroscience. The specialization is unique in its emphasis on integrative/interdisciplinary problem solving. Through the use of electives, students may structure a program that emphasizes molecular and biomedical neuroscience, behavioural and cognitive neuroscience, or comparative neuroscience.

The major prepares students for  graduate research and professional programs in health science (medical, physiotherapy, pharmacy, veterinary medicine, nursing), post-graduate work in neuroscience, and provides a strong foundation for students wishing to pursue careers in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, public health, teaching, and scientific publishing & journalism.