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Honours Bachelor of Health Promotion, BHP

Undergraduate University of Waterloo
Decision Date: October 25, 2012

This program will be geared towards students with an interest in health promotion who do not have an extensive background in natural sciences. It has been designed to ensure that students are engaged in experiential learning and enhance their connections to the community. Students will have the option of enrolling in either the co-op stream or the regular stream.

The program will advance learning, knowledge, practice and capacity in health promotion. Graduates will demonstrate:

  • an understanding that health is determined by an array of biological, social, economic, political, geographic, cultural and developmental determinants;
  • an understanding of major theoretical historical and emerging developments, and controversies in health promotion;
  • basic competencies in advocacy, human engagement, mediation, community development and mobilization;
  • a basic understanding of the health care system and how it might be reformed to better promote health;
  • a basic understanding of what policy is, how it is developed, and how it influences health;
  • an ability to engage and communicate with an array of stakeholders including individual citizens, health care professionals, health organizations, and private and public sector leaders;
  • a basic understanding of global health challenges and how health promotion solutions must be adapted to context and culture;
  • the ability to participate fully in the mutually interactive process of knowledge exchange, including an ability to retrieve, interpret and use research as the foundation for action; and
  • a basic understanding of general systems thinking and theories.