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New undergraduate and graduate for-credit degree programs that have been approved by the Quality Council on or after September 1, 2011 are detailed in this database, which can be searched in multiple ways: by university, year, program level and/or keyword.

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Integrated Business and Humanities, BCom (Honours)

Undergraduate McMaster University
Decision Date: May 20, 2016

Integrated Business and Humanities (IBH) is an interdisciplinary program that capitalizes on the competencies of McMaster University as a comprehensive higher education institution and a leader in innovative interdisciplinary flagship programs.  Acknowledging the exceptional demands of the business environment where leaders face increasingly complex and multi-dimensional problems that require comprehensive and multi-disciplinary knowledge and skills, the IBH program augments Business education offered by the Faculty of Business with the robust liberal arts education offered at the Faculty of Humanities to create a unique undergraduate program that is focused on training responsible leaders and citizens.    With about two-thirds of the content being offered by the Faculty of Business and the balance by the Faculty of Humanities, IBH students will be exposed to a variety of learning opportunities via coursework and co-curricular activities, with an emphasis on responsible leadership and management tactics for our changing global economy. The program features service learning facilitated by strong ties of McMaster University with the community, strong emphasis on sustainable business practices, and an international field trip on social enterprise.

With skills gained from McMaster’s Faculties of Business and Humanities, graduates of the program will have the freedom to carve their own path. Classes will be smaller, and students will benefit from more individual attention from faculty and staff. There will also be opportunities to represent McMaster University at academic conferences and events across Canada and beyond.

Neuroscience, BSc (Honours)

Undergraduate McMaster University
Decision Date: May 20, 2016

The Honours BSc Neuroscience program aims to provide students with a rigorous interdisciplinary science education that will enable them to pursue careers in neuroscience research and related fields.

Neuroscience is an inherently interdisciplinary field. Comprising all research related to neurons and nervous systems, neuroscience spans a vast array of topics, from the biophysical and electrochemical properties of nerve cells to the developmental biology of neural circuit formation to the information processing calculations carried out by the brain. To be able to comprehend past and current developments in neuroscience, and to contribute to future developments, students require a broad foundational skill set in biology, chemistry, computer science, mathematics, and physics, coupled with a strong introduction to the core areas of molecular, cellular, and systems neuroscience. The Honours BSc Neuroscience program offers just such a curriculum.

Through lecture, laboratory, and seminar coursework, students will acquire an understanding of fundamental concepts in biology, chemistry, and physics that are foundational to neuroscience, and will develop critical knowledge of three major areas of neuroscience: cellular/molecular, systems/circuits, and behavioural/cognitive neuroscience. Students will be introduced to modern tools and methods for attacking neuroscience problems and will apply their knowledge to critically evaluating the neuroscience literature, analyzing and developing scientific hypotheses and arguments, forming considered scientific judgments, and developing creative approaches to tackling important open questions in neuroscience.

Graduates will be ideally suited to pursue advanced degrees in neuroscience and ultimately to become university professors of neuroscience or to work in the neuroscience-related biotechnology sector. Graduates will also be well suited to enter a wide variety of other professions for which a strong interdisciplinary science foundation is advantageous; these include medical and allied health professions, science teaching, science journalism, and science policy, among others.

Human Behaviour, BASc (Honours)

Undergraduate McMaster University
Decision Date: August 26, 2015

The Honours Bachelor of Applied Science in Human Behaviour is an integrated program offered collaboratively by McMaster University and Mohawk College. The program allows undergraduate students to complete rigorous training in basic and applied areas of human behaviour, and optionally receive an additional College qualification as part of their integrated four-year Honours program. The program offers three distinct streams, catering to related student interests and identified community and employment opportunities. Students in all three streams complete a common core set of courses, plus additional courses and training depending on their chosen stream.

The Generalist Program offers a combination of breadth and depth of education in human behaviour beyond the common core topics, that gives students substantial flexibility to customize their degree to focus on subspecialty areas of their choice; capstone experiences focus on science literacy and science communication to a broader audience. The Generalist stream is an excellent preparatory degree for a range of other applied certificate/diploma training, and in itself offers a more applied versus research-focused Honours degree.

The Autism & Behavioural Sciences (ABS) and Early Childhood Education (ECE) Specialist Programs offer structured specialist programs beyond the common core topics, focusing on child autism and ABS therapy, and early childhood education, respectively. Students will be eligible to receive an Ontario College Graduate Certificate (Autism & Behavioural Science) or an Ontario College Diploma (Early Childhood Education) from Mohawk College, in addition to the Hons. B.A.Sc. degree, at the end of their 4-year program. Both the ABS and ECE Specialist streams offer substantial field placement and experiential education components, and will prepare students well for employment in these areas.

Indigenous Studies, Honours BA/Combined Honours BA

Undergraduate McMaster University
Decision Date: January 22, 2015

This program is designed to increase awareness and understanding of First Nations, Metis, and Inuit histories, cultures, philosophies, and governance.  While the primary focus is on issues relevant to a Canadian context, global Indigenous communities are also examined to assess the wider impacts of colonialism.  With that purpose in mind, course topics include: treaties, sovereignty, ecological knowledge, traditional medicines, spirituality, languages, residential schools, Indigenous women, literature, creative arts, and land claims.

The program incorporates a unique approach to research and learning that is grounded in Indigenous epistemologies and combined with Western modes of scholarship.  Students are encouraged to think critically about the history and current status of Indigenous peoples in Canada and beyond, with the goal to actively engage in creating a more positive future.

Bachelor of Arts in Justice, Political Philosophy and Law, BA (Hon)

Undergraduate McMaster University
Decision Date: March 22, 2013

The aims of Bachelor of Arts in Justice, Political Philosophy and Law program are to foster a sophisticated understanding of the law and legal institutions that make up the social world in which we live and of the political and moral theories that address the value and justice of these institutions. To these ends, this program offers the student a broad range of courses on law, policy, global politics, political philosophy and moral theory, feminist jurisprudence, human rights, globalization, international law, and war and peace.

In addition, the interdisciplinary core of this program, structured around the themes of Policy and Law, Political and Moral Philosophy, and Human Rights and Global Justice, ensures a rich and integrated learning experience to complement the program’s primary focus. The students in this program will be well-prepared for further studies or careers in law, philosophy, politics, education, human rights or public policy. More broadly, this program should appeal to any student interested in becoming an informed and engaged Canadian and global citizen.

Bachelor of Professional Communication (Honours), BPC (Hon)

Undergraduate McMaster University
Decision Date: January 24, 2013

The Bachelor of Professional Communication (Honours) program distinguishes itself in three ways: objective, design and delivery. Its objective is to equip its graduates with an advanced, critical and scholarly understanding of the theory and practice of professional communication in the fields of public relations, metrics, advertising, journalism and marketing communications. It is designed to confer the practical tools, skills, perspectives and industry contacts in communications needed to succeed in the wider world. The program is delivered as a McMaster University-Mohawk College joint initiative, bringing together the strengths of each institution into a single program and offering a rich, integrated learning experience.

Students who complete all of the requirements of the BPC will graduate with two certifications:

  • Bachelor of Professional Communication (Honours) Degree (McMaster University)
  • Diploma in Digital Communication (Mohawk College)

The program will develop leaders in the practice of professional communication. This joint degree-diploma program will provide students with the skills, knowledge, scholarly insights and engagement with the public interest that will enable them to become ethical, enterprising practitioners whose work is based in theory, evidence and self-examination.

Honours Actuarial and Financial Mathematics, BSc (Hon)

Undergraduate McMaster University
Decision Date: June 28, 2012

The program is designed in accordance with requirements from actuarial accreditation bodies in order to meet the needs of students seeking to pursue actuarial careers, or careers in financial mathematics.  Financial mathematics is an independent but related subfield of mathematics. A co-op version of the same program will also be offered, which will have the same academic requirements, but will provide the opportunity for students to participate in two eight-month work terms during the five years of the program. The Honours Actuarial and Financial Mathematics program is envisioned to be a small, interactive program. The program places an emphasis on the skills required for a career in the actuarial field, while providing students with a strong background in mathematics, and opportunities for those who wish to further pursue graduate studies.