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New undergraduate and graduate for-credit degree programs that have been approved by the Quality Council on or after September 1, 2011 are detailed in this database, which can be searched in multiple ways: by university, year, program level and/or keyword.

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Mathematical Modelling and Methods, PhD

Graduate Toronto Metropolitan University (formerly Ryerson)
Decision Date: November 27, 2015

Mathematical Modelling and Methods is an interdisciplinary PhD program, based on applied research combining various mathematical modelling aspects of Biomathematics, Discrete Mathematics, and Financial Mathematics. The program is designed to prepare highly skilled research scientists for careers in both academia and industry and is focused on applications and collaboration with industry partners. The Department of Mathematics has well-developed interactions with industry as well as collaboration with applied research institutes, which distinguishes the proposed program from other ones in Ontario and within Canada. The doctoral program is housed in the Department of Mathematics at Ryerson University, strategically located within the Greater Toronto Area and with access to a number of major financial institutions, research hospitals, and technology companies. Students will have job opportunities in academia, financial companies and banks, hospital research laboratories, and in companies whose business is to analyse and use data.

Energy and Innovation, GDip (Type 3)

Graduate Toronto Metropolitan University (formerly Ryerson)
Decision Date: November 3, 2014

The aim of the Graduate Diploma [GDip (Type 3)] in Energy and Innovation is to deliver pertinent, practical, innovative and effective education in the area of energy and to introduce new and emerging technologies required to develop, operate and maintain energy systems.  The program will prepare students to work as energy analysts, energy policy advisors, energy managers, building managers, power systems and distribution systems managers or operators.  Ryerson University is in a unique position to offer this interdisciplinary graduate program in energy to meet the societal and technical needs of the industry. The program will provide a distinct focus on urban energy issues. Students will be exposed to various research labs in the engineering and architectural science programs and in the Centre for Urban Energy.  As well, students will also gain exposure to innovation and entrepreneurial activities through the various innovation and incubator clusters/zones at Ryerson University.

Aerospace Design Management, GDip (Type 3)

Graduate Toronto Metropolitan University (formerly Ryerson)
Decision Date: January 24, 2014

The Professional Master’s Diploma in Aerospace Design Management will deliver pertinent, practical, timely and effective education in the areas of Aerospace Design Engineering. This domain is widely recognized as having significant and growing societal importance with respect to aircraft certification and maintenance. The diploma will fulfill the professional development gap in the field by deploying diploma graduates into the aerospace industry who will find that their new knowledge and perspective can facilitate communication between senior management and the Engineers that implement manufacturing practices that meet rapidly evolving certification compliance. The program will provide knowledge of certification practices from audits by regulatory agencies as well as documentation requirements for agile manufacturing regulatory compliance and investigation procedures when issues arise. Graduates will be given additional knowledge of design and certification in addition to their own field of expertise, which will make them more valuable and flexible professionals.

Dietetics, GDip (Type 3)

Graduate Toronto Metropolitan University (formerly Ryerson)
Decision Date: January 24, 2014

The Professional Master’s Diploma in Dietetics will enable graduates of Dietitians of Canada accredited undergraduate programs to become dietitians by meeting the post-graduation academic and experiential education requirements and enabling them to qualify to write the national registration examination and become dietitians.  Designed to provide continuing education, professional development, and career advancement opportunities that meet the needs of a specific target market, the diploma is an ideal vehicle through which to provide post-graduation graduate practicum opportunities for students who wish to become dietitians. The emphasis on practical education reflected in the diploma’s structure aligns with the current conceptualization of the post-graduation accredited graduate practicum.

Enterprise Information Security, Privacy and Data Protection, GDip (Type 3)

Graduate Toronto Metropolitan University (formerly Ryerson)
Decision Date: January 24, 2014

The Professional Master’s Diploma in Enterprise Information Security, Privacy and Data Protection provides participants with the knowledge and skills required to function competently as enterprise information security, privacy and data protection officers, administrators, technicians and analysts. The diploma is designed for professionals within organizations who are responsible for security, privacy and protection of enterprise information against daily attacks, threats, and system breaches, on the one hand, and inadvertent or malicious disclosure on the other.  With a broad, encompassing understanding of the underlying technologies, technical risks and limitations, as well as the legal, social and compliance environments, graduates will find that their new knowledge and perspective can facilitate communication between senior management and IT staff, provide new opportunities for leadership and championship within their organizations and enable them to articulate budgetary, training and staff needs in security, privacy and data protection in a professional and highly articulate fashion.

Master's in Digital Media, MDM

Graduate Toronto Metropolitan University (formerly Ryerson)
Decision Date: January 24, 2013

Ryerson University’s Master’s in Digital Media (MDM) program is designed to incubate transformative ideas, to increase development and to prepare highly qualified personnel for a growth industry. The proposed program will be offered as a 12-month, project-focused, professional master’s degree. The MDM graduate, while demonstrating expertise in one area, will be able to work effectively within all three strands – art/design, technology, and entrepreneurship/business – and speak the language of each. Additionally, graduates will become multidisciplinary, team-focused and collaborative, industry-facing, highly qualified personnel able to prototype and innovate. They will be passionate, confident and disciplined, and able to leverage their real world experience.

Medical Education Program, MD

Undergraduate Toronto Metropolitan University (formerly Ryerson)
Decision Date: August 18, 2023

Description to follow

Professional Music, BFA

Undergraduate Toronto Metropolitan University (formerly Ryerson)
Decision Date: August 23, 2019

The Professional Music program is a nationally distinct, “business of music” industry-focused program on the one hand, and a music recording and live event production program on the other. At its core, the program nurtures an appreciation and understanding of professional music theory and context, and fosters creativity and leadership in a variety of music-related industries and settings.

The program will be housed in Ryerson’s Faculty of Communication and Design (FCAD), and delivered as a collaborative effort between FCAD’s School of Creative Industries, the RTA School of Media, and the School of Performance. The four-year, 40-course curriculum, together with a required summer internship, imparts core competencies and knowledge in the theoretical frameworks and fundamental production skills appropriate to the music industry. Through partnerships with leading music organizations and performance venues, students will have rich opportunities for experiential learning and access to careers in the areas of music recording and sound production, artist development, marketing and live event production.

Being located in Toronto, the most diverse and urbanized city in Canada and North America’s third-largest music market, together with a distinctively entrepreneurial and experiential approach to learning, will make this a highly attractive program for prospective students.

Juris Doctor, JD

Undergraduate Toronto Metropolitan University (formerly Ryerson)
Decision Date: October 25, 2017

This Juris Doctor program takes an innovative approach to legal education, with two years of mandatory coursework, a semester of electives and a semester devoted to a required professional placement. The focus is on the future success of the program’s graduates and their future clients and employers, by providing the tools necessary to succeed in a multi-disciplinary, global, fast-paced and ever-changing society. The curriculum stresses equity and diversity issues, particularly as they relate to access to justice, and has an entrepreneurial focus in both content and approach, combining traditional academic and scholarly standards with a comprehensive practice-based focus. Technology is leveraged, both to enhance educational impact and as a substantive tool that is becoming vitally necessary to ensure future success in the legal services sphere. Finally, experiential learning in all its forms is stressed throughout the student’s education.

Language and Intercultural Relations, BA

Undergraduate Toronto Metropolitan University (formerly Ryerson)
Decision Date: May 22, 2015

The Bachelor of Arts Degree in Language and Intercultural Relations will give students advanced linguistic and cultural competence as well as the required transformational leadership skills to navigate, and to help organizations navigate, culturally diverse business and working environments.  This degree puts forth two relatively new concepts: intercultural relations and cultural intelligence. The two fields represent valued skill sets utilized by strategic teams working within international organizations. Those who possess such skills are called upon to help foster environments in which communication between and among groups from a variety of backgrounds is optimized. The study of Language and Intercultural Relations will provide students with valuable perspectives on the forces that shape people and cultures. It will encourage them to develop a personal and critical understanding of issues, increase their ability to see the differences, as well as similarities, as positive factors in an ever-changing world, and develop their confidence to apply their intellectual, negotiation and communication skills to the goal of open and informed exchange.

Sport Media, BA

Undergraduate Toronto Metropolitan University (formerly Ryerson)
Decision Date: April 24, 2013

The BA program in Sport Media is designed to create a new kind of sport industry professional, one who has been exposed to areas outside his or her prime area of knowledge and experience, creating a team player who can speak the language of team members operating outside of his or her specialty. As the sport industry expands and invests in content creation across platforms and cutting-edge technologies, opportunities will arise for the entrepreneurial student to build new companies within the sport industry. All graduates of this program will secure advanced writing and speaking skills, the ability to work in teams, to maintain and grow interpersonal relationships and to be on the cutting edge of broadcast technology.

Through a combination of functional and academic courses, students will meet many of the learning outcomes required by the sport industry. These will facilitate the ability of students to obtain entry-level production and administrative positions. Graduates will also be well placed to implement their own entrepreneurial business plans.

Bachelor of Education (Primary/Junior) / Early Childhood Studies, BA/BEd

Undergraduate Toronto Metropolitan University (formerly Ryerson)
Decision Date: September 10, 2012

The concurrent BA/BEd program will qualify graduates to teach at the kindergarten, primary and junior levels. Graduates will also have the option to enter the job market and the new collaborative teaching team in full-day kindergarten programs as a registered early childhood educator or a certified teacher. Graduates will have in-depth understanding of differentiated instruction and thus will be leaders prepared to make a real difference in the lives of children and their families from diverse backgrounds.

The School of Early Childhood Studies at Ryerson University offers a four-year undergraduate degree (BA) in Early Childhood Studies. It has earned a reputation for graduating early childhood educators who are experts in the theory and application of child development, play-based curriculum instructional methods, special education and assessment in teaching young children in a variety of settings.

The Faculty of Education at York University offers an accredited BEd program. The concurrent BA/BEd program will be housed on the Ryerson campus, with faculty from York teaching BEd courses on site. Students will be required to complete all the courses and practicum requirements outlined by the Faculty of Education at York University, under the auspices of its Ontario College of Teachers accreditation in Initial Teacher Education. Graduates of the concurrent program will receive a BA in ECS from Ryerson University and a BEd from York University.

Biomedical Sciences, BSc

Undergraduate Toronto Metropolitan University (formerly Ryerson)
Decision Date: July 27, 2012

The program aims to create a knowledgeable and creative workforce primarily to sustain the health-related sector like medicine and dentistry, private and publicly funded research in biomedical sciences, and the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. Students graduating from the Biomedical Science program will be very well prepared to enter these fields. A deep understanding of biomedical sciences, such as molecular and cell biology, genetics and genomics, and microbiology, is important for medical research, as well as the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries. Understanding biomedical sciences facilitates health professionals such as medical doctors to comprehend the basis of disease and follow developments in diagnosis and treatments – helping to advance the knowledge needed to improve overall human health.

Real Estate Management, BComm (Real Estate Management)

Undergraduate Toronto Metropolitan University (formerly Ryerson)
Decision Date: June 28, 2012

The Major in Real Estate Management is a new program offered to students in the Ted Rogers School of Business Management. Graduates will be awarded the Bachelor of Commerce (Real Estate Management). The curriculum is designed to give students a strong foundation in real estate management and to provide some opportunity for students to select courses to customize their experience given their own interests and career aspirations. One particularly notable feature of the curriculum is the emphasis on the principles of sustainability, integrity, ethical behaviour and social responsibility. Students will be required to take the course Sustainability in Real Estate where these principles are taught. In addition, the final course, Real Estate Project Capstone, will reinforce these values. The program is consistent with all the criteria associated with the AACSB accreditation.

Financial Mathematics, BSc

Undergraduate Toronto Metropolitan University (formerly Ryerson)
Decision Date: May 30, 2012

Financial Mathematics (FM) is an area of applied mathematics with a solid and long‐term role in the financial sector. FM is a natural tool for dealing with large, complex financial operations accompanied by risk and unpredictable results; FM models offer systematic tools to help understand the repercussions of the movement of capital. It can also be argued that FM applications are rooted in the basic connections between specific mathematical constructions and the fundamental economic hypotheses used to understand financial markets. FM, therefore, has tremendous relevance in our society.

Mathematics touches many aspects of our lives, and is a vital part of everything from information technology to mapping the human genome to modeling stock markets. Studying specialized aspects of math such as FM offers students exciting opportunities to tap into niche industries with tremendous potential for career growth and success.

The program will be offered by the Department of Mathematics under the umbrella of the Faculty of Science, with the support of the Finance Department.

Creative Industries, BA

Undergraduate Toronto Metropolitan University (formerly Ryerson)
Decision Date: April 13, 2012

The Creative Industries Program is an interdisciplinary BA program for the creative, knowledge-based and service-oriented economy that is assuming an ever increasing role in the 21st century. By focusing on the creative industries, it views the cultural products and services that they create, produce and distribute as one of the key cornerstones of the economy. It recognizes that this industrial sector has grown increasingly complex due primarily to the impact of information and communication technologies, and that the rapid changes it is experiencing require new skills, new business models and new global perspectives. The program also aims to bridge the divide between “suits” and “creatives” — between those who manage and commercialize the creative process, and the creative practitioners — in a sector ranging from media, arts and entertainment, to advertising and design. Students will study the creative disciplines from the perspective of enterprise development and entrepreneurship while undertaking a selection of focused studies in the many creative fields offered through Ryerson’s Faculty of Communication & Design.

Professional Communication, BA

Undergraduate Toronto Metropolitan University (formerly Ryerson)
Decision Date: April 13, 2012

The Professional Communication Bachelor of Arts Program assists students in being responsible participants in the digital and global age. They learn the theoretical and practical skills needed to communicate creatively and thoughtfully in complex professional and social environments. The program entails a progressive education in Professional Communication that embraces both breadth and depth, with core courses building foundational communication knowledge, encompassing theory and practice in written, oral, visual, and digital media. The Professional Communication Bachelor of Arts supports:

  • contemporary societal and workplace communication demands, including the growth of the knowledge economy;
  • the uses of electronic communication for professional and personal purposes;
  • compelling evidence of employer need for professional communication practitioners; and
  • the developing need for communicators in specific fields, such as health and government.