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New undergraduate and graduate for-credit degree programs that have been approved by the Quality Council on or after September 1, 2011 are detailed in this database, which can be searched in multiple ways: by university, year, program level and/or keyword.

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Energy Engineering, BEng (Honours)

Graduate Ontario Tech University (formerly UOIT)
Decision Date: March 25, 2022

In support of Ontario Tech University’s reputation as an emerging leader in career-ready education, with collaborative and pragmatic research, the Bachelor of Engineering in Energy Engineering will meet the growing needs of the energy industry locally and globally. Graduates will have strong technical skills, an appreciation for the value of multidisciplinary approaches, and robust communication skills. This unique program is designed to leverage Ontario Tech’s strengths and leadership in energy, and covers different aspects of the energy sector, including hydrogen energy, nuclear, renewables, energy storage, and sustainable development. Students will have the opportunity to enroll in the and management option or the engineering co-op, to further develop skills that prepare them for leadership in the energy industry.

Software Engineering, MASc and MEng,

Graduate Ontario Tech University (formerly UOIT)
Decision Date: January 28, 2022

Software engineering is considered the newest branch of engineering. The objective of the MASc and MEng in Software Engineering is to expand students’ knowledge of software engineering through intensive state-of-the-art courses, projects, and/or a research thesis in their chosen area of interest. The MASc is a thesis-based Master’s program for students interested in research-oriented studies and who may want to continue their education at the PhD level. The MEng is a course-based or project-based Master’s program that aims to provide the opportunity for students and software professionals to expand their knowledge and skills in software engineering.

The program will prepare students for careers in research, development, and advanced software engineering systems in a variety of application domains. Graduates will be able to work as software engineers in research and development or other areas in advanced technology companies or government agencies, or continue their education. Program outcomes are achieved through a set of core and elective courses and other activities designed to give students in-depth learning in software engineering, opportunities for advanced development of skills, and the opportunity to participate in scholarly activities of research, seminars, and presentations.

Master of Financial Data Analytics, MFDA

Graduate Ontario Tech University (formerly UOIT)
Decision Date: December 15, 2021

The Master of Financial Data Analytics (MFDA) aims to train highly qualified finance professionals with data analytics skills. MFDA is the first program in Canada to combine finance, information technology, and data analytics, especially AI programming and applications. Students are expected to gain sufficient knowledge and experience in the field of financial data analytics required to be hired in the finance sector upon graduation. The MFDA program includes eight courses and a choice of internship or projects. The courses cover finance and data analytics skills applied to finance. Applicants can be from business/economics/finance background or mathematics/computer science/information technology/engineering/science other quantitative areas. The program prepares students for Financial Risk Manager (FRM) and Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designations.

Social Practice and Innovation, MA

Graduate Ontario Tech University (formerly UOIT)
Decision Date: November 26, 2021

The Master of Arts in Social Practice and Innovation (MSPI) is an interdisciplinary program at the intersections of law, communication and digital media, and political science. Each discipline approaches the roles of power and information differently, and when combined provide a holistic perspective on everyday social practice in its many changing forms. Social practice entails problem solving and collaborating with diverse communities and developing heightened awareness of societal, cultural and political issues of concern to these communities. Social innovation refers to the creation, development, adoption, and integration of new and renewed concepts, systems, and practices. The MSPI program culminates in a Major Research Project aimed at public and community engagement, through which MSPI graduates will be trained to formulate, develop and deploy effective solutions to challenging and often systemic social and political issues in ways that can support social progress.

Doctor of Education, EdD

Graduate Ontario Tech University (formerly UOIT)
Decision Date: August 20, 2021

The Doctor of Education (EdD) at Ontario Tech University is an applied research degree aimed at working professionals in K-12, universities, colleges, and in public and private sector organizations. This exciting new program, with an overall theme of Education in the Digital Age, provides students with a research experience that is focused on professional practice.  The EdD at Ontario Tech is distinctive through its combination of synchronous online delivery, student support within an online learning community, a laddering set of courses that supports students through their thesis process, the overall theme of the program, and its strong cross-disciplinary faculty complement.

Police Leadership, GDip (Type 3)

Graduate Ontario Tech University (formerly UOIT)
Decision Date: August 20, 2021

In a context of a rapidly changing society, the importance of developing adaptable, innovative, and diverse police leaders has never been more urgent. The Graduate Diploma in Police Leadership is designed to foster problem-solving skills, critical thinking, and scholarly reflection on policing in the 21st century. It is designed with a rapidly changing technological, political, social, and demographic landscape in mind and will provide police officers with a panoramic view and understanding of the evolution and the various decision-making contexts of policing, and ideally help foster life-long learning. Police officers will learn about the emerging trends, social science research methodologies, and outside influences that impact their profession; and will be provided with the skills to navigate, understand, and adapt to the complex nature of contemporary policing. The diploma is designed for officers already working in police services. Courses are delivered through a series of flexible asynchronous online modules where students work through the material at their own pace. Diploma students wishing to complete the MA in Criminology at Ontario Tech University can transfer diploma courses to the MA, should they be admitted to the program.

MBAI, Master of Business Analytics and AI

Graduate Ontario Tech University (formerly UOIT)
Decision Date: June 18, 2021

The Master of Business Analytics and AI prepares students for highly successful careers in a variety of business analytics careers in private and public sectors where data is used to make decisions. It is a 10-12 month course-based professional Master’s program including four courses in the Fall, four courses in the Winter, and internship or comprehensive capstone projects in the Summer. The content of the degree will cover three main domains which are applications of AI, Business Analytics, and Management Opportunities. The program is targeted at graduates of Commerce or Business undergraduate degrees, and can be completed part-time in just under two years, or full-time in 10-12 months depending on the choice of internship or project. Mode of delivery is hybrid / online with on-campus tutorials on selected weekends during the semester.

Nursing Professional Practice Leadership, MScN (Joint with Trent University)

Graduate Ontario Tech University (formerly UOIT)
Decision Date: March 22, 2019

Trent and UOIT have formed a partnership to offer a MScN in Professional Practice Leadership. The MScN program will prepare graduates to contribute to an increasingly complex health care sector by providing an education that includes mentorship, interdisciplinary opportunities and experiential learning through research, project and class assignments. Professional practice leaders are responsible for ensuring and implementing expert practice, the facilitation of professional development, research and providing leadership; they are often charged with quality assurance and safety as well and the program is designed to develop expertise in these areas. The program is largely online and will begin with a 1-week face to face residency component to ensure that current professionals with high working demands are able to pursue the program. Graduates of the program will be granted a MScN by UOIT in collaboration with Trent University or a MSN by Trent University in collaboration with UOIT.

Health Sciences, PhD

Graduate Ontario Tech University (formerly UOIT)
Decision Date: August 24, 2018

The Ph.D. in Health Sciences focuses on providing students with opportunities to develop the knowledge and skills required to conduct high-quality research. Graduate training focuses on research conducted in one of three fields in the Health Sciences: Community, Public and Population Health; Health Informatics; or Kinesiology. The PhD in Health Sciences offers an interdisciplinary approach to health sciences doctoral training alongside depth of study in the individual fields and prepares graduates for diverse careers within and beyond academia. Coursework provides graduates with a framework for evaluating data and technology in health sciences research, training, and practice, where the technical, ethical, social, and policy implications of data collection, analysis, and storage are critically evaluated, and discussed in an interdisciplinary context. Graduates will gain the expertise to become effective research brokers in academic, professional, and research settings.

Worker Disability Prevention, GDip (Type 3)

Graduate Ontario Tech University (formerly UOIT)
Decision Date: October 3, 2016

The Graduate Diploma in Work Disability Prevention (WDP) is offered in collaboration with Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College. The program is primarily designed for highly qualified individuals in established regulated health professions (e.g., chiropractors, kinesiologists, nurses, occupational therapists, physiotherapists, social workers) currently working in or wishing to work in the WDP field. Health professionals are ideally situated to assist workers and organizations to prevent and resolve work disability issues.