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New undergraduate and graduate for-credit degree programs that have been approved by the Quality Council on or after September 1, 2011 are detailed in this database, which can be searched in multiple ways: by university, year, program level and/or keyword.

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Law for Law Enforcement Professionals, GDip (Type 3)

Graduate York University
Decision Date: May 13, 2019

Description to follow

Master of Management in Artificial Intelligence, MMAI

Graduate York University
Decision Date: April 26, 2019

“The Master of Management in Artificial Intelligence (MMAI) program is designed to prepare individuals to seek and obtain meaningful employment in artificial intelligence (AI)-related management positions, whether in private, public or non-profit organizations. The program addresses a growing need in post-graduate management education for world-class training in the management of practical AI-related business solutions and technologies. The one-year, 3-term program emphasizes equally the teaching of business knowledge and management skills as well as artificial intelligence technologies. The program contains an experiential Artificial Intelligence consulting project (AICP) that spans terms 2 and 3. In term 2, students will define the projects with their clients, collect and analyze relevant qualitative and quantitative data, and develop management-driven Artificial Intelligence solutions to meet concrete business needs. In term 3 the student teams will implement their solutions, thus managing an entire Artificial Intelligence project from planning to implementation. During the AICP students will make extensive use of the newly developed Schulich Deloitte Visual Cognitive Analytics Lab. While teaching key management and technology skills is necessary for initial employment, the ultimate goal is to create critical thinkers and creative leaders in the management of AI.”

Master of Science in Management Practice, MScMP

Graduate York University
Decision Date: February 15, 2019

The Master of Science in Management Practice (MScMP) is a graduate program designed to train future leaders to run organizations with a focus on applied research and analysis of business data that inform evidence-based decision making. The program will provide the students with a solid conceptual and methodological foundation for research design and data collection. It will introduce the latest analytical techniques and will require a major applied research paper or work placement with a strong applied research component to complete the program.  This design follows an emerging trend in the business discipline to use applied research and quantitative methods to train future organizational leaders. The MScMP will provide flexible course offerings, including blended and evening/weekend courses to better target professionals who desire to obtain a graduate degree in management while continuing full-time employment. The program can be completed in three terms (one year), provided that the candidate has an undergraduate business degree and adequate quantitative preparation at the time of admission to the program. Part-time students may take longer time to complete the program.

Management, GDip (Type 3)

Graduate York University
Decision Date: February 11, 2019

The Graduate Diploma in Management (GDM) is a stand-alone, direct-entry graduate program designed to provide recent graduates from non-business programs a summary introduction to topics in management with the aim of improving their employability. The program offers a choice of courses to prepare students to work either in commercial or in not-for-profit and public organizations. The program is designed to cover two needs: 1) introduce graduates from various disciplines to management education, and 2) serve as a pre-requisite to the Master of Science in Management Practice offered by York University. The GDM will provide a flexible offering, including blended and weekday evening/weekend courses to better target young and seasoned professionals who desire to obtain a short graduate degree in management while continuing to work or as a stepping point for another graduate program. The program can be completed in two terms.

Culture, Communication and Leadership in Canadian Business, GDip (Type 2)

Graduate York University
Decision Date: December 12, 2018

The concurrent Graduate Diploma in Culture, Communication and Leadership in Canadian Business (CCLCB) is designed to address an unfilled need in post-graduate management education, especially for students arriving in Canada from overseas who might lack the exposure to cultural differences, business practice norms, and vocabulary to effectively interact with and contribute to the businesses they will be engaged with post-graduation. The learning outcomes of the Graduate Diploma emphasize the development of communication, negotiation and presentation skills, as well as provide an understanding of hiring practices and job search strategies in North America. In addition, the Diploma helps to anchor participants’ understanding of the Canadian business landscape with an industry specific course in a chosen area of focus in the second year of the program. A required placement enables students to both apply and reflect upon their learnings and acquire Canadian experience prior to transitioning to full-time employment post-degree.

Master of Marketing, MMKG

Graduate York University
Decision Date: March 16, 2018

The proposed Master of Marketing (MMKG) program is designed to prepare individuals to seek and obtain meaningful employment in marketing positions, whether in private, public or non-profit organizations.  The one-year, 3-term program emphasizes strategic and analytical topics needed to generate insights and solutions to today’s challenging marketing environment, including strategic planning, consumer behavior, brand management, marketing research & analytics, and digital marketing. Students are challenged to consider both theoretical and applied perspectives, with a capstone project spanning terms 2 and 3. While teaching hands-on skills necessary for initial employment, the ultimate goal is to create creative thinkers and leaders in marketing for the modern world.

Master of Supply Chain Management, MSCM

Graduate York University
Decision Date: March 16, 2018

The Master of Supply Chain Management (MSCM) program educates students in the tactical and strategic aspects of supply chain management (SCM).  SCM has become a very complex field, with tasks ranging from sourcing and delivery of products and services globally, to making supply chains safe and reliable.  Managers must hold their numerous employees and suppliers to the highest ethical and legal standards while ensuring that goods and services are provided in a timely and cost-effective manner. The program is offered on a full-time and part-time basis. The program may be completed in 3 terms (one year) full time or 5-6 terms part time, with a capstone project completed in the last term.  It prepares graduates from quantitatively oriented undergraduate programs (including business and economics) for meaningful employment in entry-level analytic or managerial supply chain positions in private, public or non-profit organizations, and enables those currently working in industry to advance their SCM careers.

Digital Media, MA, MSc, PhD

Graduate York University
Decision Date: November 24, 2017

The Graduate Program in Digital Media offers courses and opportunities for advanced training and research leading to the degrees of Master of Arts (MA), Master of Science (MSc), and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD). The Program is jointly offered by the Department of Computational Arts in the School of the Arts, Media, Performance and Design, and the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science in the Lassonde School of Engineering. The program provides highly qualified students with the opportunity to do specialized hybrid research work in a program that uniquely combines computational science and artistic practices. Work in digital media focuses on a broad range of current and emerging forms of digitally supported media, with applications that range from computer games to interactive art. Across all three Digital Media graduate degrees, in both courses and project development, students work within a shared environment that enables them to develop expertise complementary to their research specialization in computational science or artistic practice.

Master of Management, MMgt

Graduate York University
Decision Date: April 22, 2016

The Master of Management (MMgt) is a one-year, 3-term program that will provide a comprehensive understanding of management knowledge to students with non-business backgrounds. The curriculum is designed to be highly experiential, addressing the skills necessary for success in organizations, such as communication, problem solving, and working in diverse, team-based environments. Students will develop an understanding of how the major disciplines of management intersect, understand how to manage the obligation to act in a socially and ethically responsible manner, and apply quantitative and qualitative methods to solve management problems. In the final semester, students will have an opportunity to apply these skills to a real organization through their participation in the culminating “Enterprise Consulting Project.” During the project, students working in teams will use the management foundations studied in the first two terms of the Master of Management program to develop actionable recommendations for the client organization.

Nursing, PhD

Graduate York University
Decision Date: December 18, 2015

The York University PhD program in Nursing will prepare graduates to have the methodological and theoretical expertise to respond to current and projected demographic and health changes in Canadian and global society through a curriculum that demands depth of nursing knowledge in a substantive area of scholarship and high quality research. The three areas of scholarship offered within the PhD program are Health for Persons and Communities, Health Care Services and Systems, and Education in Nursing. In addition, the PhD program embraces and supports philosophical pluralism and multiple theoretical perspectives in the advancement of nursing science and health care.

Students will be required to complete course work on Research Approaches in Nursing Science, Philosophical Foundations of Contemporary Nursing Science, Doctoral Nursing Seminars and two electives. In addition, students will undergo a comprehensive examination in their substantive area of scholarship and defend their dissertation proposal. Finally the students will complete a doctoral dissertation in which they will undertake original research that contributes to nursing scholarship.
Graduates from the York University PhD in Nursing will be prepared to conduct independent research and scholarship, and pursue academic careers and leadership positions in the public/government, private, health care and industry sectors. These careers may include positions such as researcher, administrator, expert nurse clinician, program strategist, knowledge broker, and policy analyst