Protocol for University Representatives’ Attendance at Appraisal Committee Meetings

From time to time, the Appraisal Committee may request that a university representative attends one of its meetings to provide additional information about a submission for a New Program or Expedited Approval.  The protocol for such meetings is as follows:

  • The Appraisal Committee’s meeting template will have a standing item for “Meeting with University Representatives”.
  • The Committee’s lead reviewer report template will include a section to indicate whether a meeting with a university would be helpful and if so, what items might be discussed with them.
  • The Secretariat will alert the university that the Appraisal Committee would welcome their attendance at the next meeting. When possible, the university will be provided with an indication of what the questions will be, with a proviso that the questions may change as a result of the full Committee discussion. The university representatives will be asked to be on standby between 10:30 – 11:30 on x date and will be reminded that the conversation will be contained to a question and answer format.
  • The QA Key Contact and up to two program representatives may attend the Committee’s meeting virtually or in-person. The university will confirm with the Secretariat who will attend and provide their roles/titles prior to the meeting.
  • The Committee will begin each meeting focusing on any agenda items where one or both lead reviewers have indicated that a meeting with university representatives might be helpful. The discussion will confirm:
    • What, if any, the outstanding questions related to the submission are.
    • Whether any of these finalized outstanding questions could helpfully be addressed through a conversation with the university, or if these outstanding questions would require more time for the university to revise the proposal, etc. in response.
  • When the Committee agrees that a meeting is not required, the Secretariat immediately informs the Key Contact by email accordingly.
  • When the Committee agrees that a meeting with the university representative(s) should proceed, the Secretariat will send an email to the Key Contact to confirm a time to join and provide Zoom/teleconference details accordingly.
  • The Chair of the Appraisal Committee will ask the Committee’s questions (to protect the identity of the lead reviewers of any given submission). Other Committee members may follow-up on university responses, seek clarification, etc.
  • Any given meeting with university representatives should be contained to a maximum of 15 minutes.
  • The QA Key Contact will be asked by the Secretariat immediately after the meeting to provide a brief written summary of what they said in the meeting. This will then be added to the official appraisal record.