Graduate Programs: Two-thirds Requirement (QAF and

Meeting the Requirement that Two-thirds of Course Requirements be met through Courses at the Graduate Level

The OCGS By-Laws and Procedures provided the following description of the expectation for graduate level courses, which may be useful to describe this requirement:

“Since graduate work implies work beyond the undergraduate level, quality considerations require that the number of undergraduate or combined courses be limited to a minor proportion of the course requirements for the graduate program; as well, the additional work required of graduate students enrolled in such courses should be outlined. OCGS believes that the number of undergraduate courses or combined courses in which undergraduate students predominate should be not more than one third of the total course requirement for the degree.

Course offerings must be appropriate, in currency and in depth of knowledge, for the level of the program and sufficiently varied to provide breadth. To respect the principle of “truth in advertising,” academic units should assess their course offerings to ensure that courses that are advertised are in fact given with some regularity.

It is essential in all cases that the graduate student be required to demonstrate the necessary intellectual development in understanding, argument and professional judgment through suitable vehicles, such as projects”.