4. Protocol for Cyclical Program Reviews

The Quality Council’s Protocol for the conduct of Cyclical Program Reviews has five principal components:

a)    Self-study (see Framework Section 4.2.3);

b)    External evaluation (peer review) with report and recommendations on program quality improvement (see Framework Section 4.2.4);

c)    Institutional evaluation of the self-study and the external assessment report resulting in recommendations for program quality improvement (see Framework Section 4.2.5);

d)    Preparation and adoption of plans to implement the recommendations and to monitor their implementation (see Framework Section 4.2.5); and

e)    Follow-up reporting on the principal findings of the review and the implementation of the recommendations (see Framework Section 4.2.6).

Degree Level Expectations, combined with the expert judgment of external disciplinary scholars, provide the benchmarks for assessing a program’s standards and quality.

Flow Chart 3: Overview of Protocol for Cyclical Program Reviews shows the minimum process requirements for the cyclical review of undergraduate and graduate programs whether or not those programs are supported by government funds.