4.1 Schedule of Reviews

Establish a cycle, not to exceed eight years, for the review of the institution’s full complement of undergraduate programs of specialization and graduate degree and diploma programs, and indicate how the cycle may coincide with any other internal reviews and professional accreditation (see Guide). This review cycle should record all independent offerings (different faculty, resources, learning outcomes, delivery mode) of each program.

Institutions have considerable flexibility in scheduling their program reviews. Cyclical program reviews of undergraduate programs may be conducted either independently from, or concurrently with, reviews of graduate programs, and/or departments and other academic units. Nevertheless, it is essential that the quality of each academic program and the learning environment of the students in each program will be explicitly addressed in the reviewers’ report(s) as set out in these protocols. The review cycle will include all joint, multi-disciplinary, interdisciplinary, multi-sited and inter-institutional programs, and all modes of delivery.

When an institution chooses to review different program levels (for example, graduate and undergraduate), program modes, or programs offered at different locations, institutions may, in accordance with their respective IQAPs, prepare separate reports for each discrete program or address each program within a single omnibus report provided that the distinctive attributes of each discrete program are reviewed and reported on by the reviewers.