5.1 Quality Council Audit Panel: Selection of the Auditors

The selection of auditors follows a four-step process:
a)    The Quality Council solicits nominations of auditors;
b)    The Quality Council generates a long list of potential auditors and submits the list to OCAV;
c)     OCAV selects a roster of auditors from the list; and
d)    The Quality Council appoints the required number of auditors from the OCAV-selected list.

The slate of appointees will include present and past faculty members, not currently holding an administrative appointment in an Ontario university but having had senior administrative experience at the faculty or university level. They are selected for their recognized strength in the development and operation of undergraduate and/or graduate programs and their experience, typically, in one or more Ontario universities. Some will be bilingual. From time to time, one or two auditors may be required to have had senior administrative experience in an academic services area, such as operating student academic support functions. The full complement of auditors is known as the Quality Council Audit Panel.